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Digital Video Recorder  
The digital video recorder server is a great new innovation in the world of closed circuit television surveillance. Digital video recording is becoming widely popular because it gives you so much freedom in recording. With the latest video server technology, you can actually view live action or action that you have already recorded while continuing to record. Reviewing will never come at the expense of present recordings.

Installing a digital video recorder (or DVR) server allows you to save space and time. Other recording servers require several different pieces of equipment in order to get the results you will get from a single DVR server. This combination device replaces the time-lapse VCRs, the multiplexer that allows multiple signal inputs and the video server necessary for remote surveillance. That sounds like a lot of complex equipment, doesn't it? Imagine getting all of that in one slim, comprehensive unit.

Digital video recorder servers typically have four, eight, or sixteen security camera inputs, giving you the flexibility to implement whatever camera system suits you best. Other great benefits and features include:
  • Remote access at all times
  • Better pausing for still images
  • Improved storage, especially over long periods of time
  • Easy installation
  • Clear image copying
  • Long recording times
  • Internal web server
  • Picture in picture and zoom
  • Hard drive for storage
Fortifying your security system with these servers isn’t just improving the technology behind your security. It’s giving yourself the peace of mind of knowing that should anything happen to your business; you have the utmost capability to identify any perpetrators. You can make as many copies of the recordings you need without losing the image quality.

There is also the option of hooking up your DVR servers to a network in order to allow for viewing through an internet browser. These servers can offer either Ethernet or dial up modem connections. Video and audio can be exported to compatible USB ports as well. Sharing information is never a problem with these specialized DVR devices.
Types of DVR :  
  • Standalone DVR
  • PC DVR Cards
  • Portable
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